The venue is an annex to the SPA and is a terrace furnished with relaxing sofas, sun beds, tables and chairs café style, newspaper rack, LCD TV, beautiful plants, light color therapy and sound system with World Music, Chill House and New Age Music. There is no bar counter but only service station and a waitress always available, if guest are seated. The venue prepares the Healthy Cocktails that are dispensed from La Terrace Bar on the 5th floor.

The Healthy Cocktails are made fresh with a blender ranging from; cucumber light, banana shake, Power Head (Banana, Mango, Lime, soya milk), Lady in Red (Strawberry, blueberry, Tonic Water), Mamma Mia (Passion Fruit, Banana fresh cream, tonic water). Bell Époque (Lime, Cucumber, Water Melon, a touch of honey), Fruit Salad in Paris (Melon, Mango, Banana, Lime, Pineapple Juice), Fruit Salad (Classic). My Grand Mother’s Medicine (Lime, Garlic, Ginger, served boiled with honey a side). We have set up this venue to offer a complete healthy solution to our guests and to make it slimming possible.

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