La Maison Royale Nairobi is a 4 star superior boutique business hotel with a “French taste”, a place where in the morning you have your corporate meeting, in the afternoon; you enjoy a coffee break with a nice French cake. At night you get treated with a refined French/Italian cuisine with a Continental Buffet spiced with African Influences. And if probably you choose to stay in our tastefully designed suites, you will attend one of Nairobi’s finest events at La Terrace, the fashion and tapas bar. We pride ourselves with friendly staff and the practical touches that make being away from home easier, whether you book our rooms by the day, week or longer. Whether you’re traveling for business, looking for temporary or corporate housing, needing short-term housing during relocation, or planning a weekend getaway, we have the solution that will fit your budget.

But if you really “really” like to do something exclusive and private for you and your VIP friends, then just take the Royale Suite. Not just a Hotel Room, but a place, a venue and presidential like Event Room. At the Royale Suite you can relax on our fabulously designed furniture, enjoy private cooking by your own Butler, take control of your private bar (barman optional), enjoy your own meal off the dedicated in room dining menu, be your own DJ or hire one of our house DJs to mix your music off your ultimate Bose music system (DJ for party is optional). To make this experience royal, we dedicate to you a Life Style Manager; the person who will organize your private party and will be available at your leisure for any requests, day and or night. Your Life Style Manager will be your trusted, discrete assistant during your stay at the Royale Suite of La Maison Royale Nairobi.

For our neighbors and guests alike, we do recognize the importance of keeping your health in check. We have carefully designed a healthy menu for our Healthy bar where you get a personal trainer at the GYM, a spa therapist at the spa, a beautician and a nutritionist who all will be working towards one ultimate goal, to watch your weight and make it possible.

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